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Intellectual, Bold, Classy

JEOI6 is an urban luxury designer brand which is committed to sincere quality and unique design. Bold in shape and vary in function, JEOI6 possesses a concept of “Micro Rebellious of Urbanite”.  Every design expresses a unique personality and presents the variety of mood changes of city people with unexpected forms.


JEOI6 seeks to be the first choice of expressing who you are and to contribute to the bravery of archiving what you want.

Luxury leather goods are our major, but that’s not where it ends. To do what is unexpected, JEOI6 is always exploring. The founder’s diverse cultural background allows JEOI6 to continuously evolve and to grow up with our muses - seeing things from different angles, adding different emotions to our design and further building the brand. 

JEOI6 constantly transforms into the next version of itself, pushing its limit to the next level.

Rui Zhang launched his brand JEOI6 which means his name in Cantonese in early 2018. The designer currently works and lives in Paris.







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